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All surnames Knapczyk, Ratulowska, Karpiel, Bober, Fedro, Krol, Keita, Finik, Wnek, Grabonia, Guzowska, Cichostepski
All places Ciche, Zakopane, Krakow, Tarnow, Uszew, Brzeznicka, Ratulow, Rabca, Zubrohlava, Klin
Research notes
My great grandparents on my side, Kazimier Bober, age 56, and Ursanta (Krol) (Fedro) Bober, age 36, immigrated to the USA through Ellis Island on May 4, 1910 with their children, Marya (age 14), Jan (age 9), Antoni (age 6), Karol, age 4, Ludmilla (age 2), and Anna (Bober) Finik (age 16) with her children, Josef (age 2) and Helena (age 6 months). Anna's husband, Josef Finik, came to the USA earlier, where he worked as a miner in Republic, PA. They all declared their last residence as Zakopane. They arrived on the Kaiser Wilhelm II, sailing from Bremen on April 26. 1910. Kazimier also had other sons: Wojeiech, Jozef, and Stanislaw. My grandfather, Wojeiech (Albert) Bober (age 18) and his friend or cousin, Josef Fedro, (age 26) immigrated to the USA through Ellis Island on June 24, 1904, on the ship Patricia, leaving Hamburg on June 10, 1904. Wojeiech's brother, Jozef Bober (age 16) immigrated to the USA four months earlier through Ellis Island on February 25, 1904, on the ship S.S. Moltke, leaving Hamburg on February 12, 1904. 

My great grandfather on my grandmother's side, Ferdinand Fredric Knapczyk immigrated to the USA in 1896, married Anna Ratulowska who immigrated to the USA from Ciche in 1899. Anna went back to Ciche in September 1906 to bring back Marya Knapczyk (age 15), Ludwik Knapczyk (age 9), Pawel Knapczyk (age 5) and Ferdynand Knapczyk (age 4). They all arrived through Ellis Island on October 9, 1906 on the ship Kaiser Wilhelm II, leaving the Port of Bremen. Both Ludwik and Pawel were identified at Ellis Island as born in the USA, while Marya and Ferdynand were immigrating for the first time. 

Marya Knapczyk and Wojeiech Bober, who are my grandparents, were married in Chicago on January 18, 1911, at St. Aldalbert's Church. Witnesses, who signed the Certificate of Marriage were Katarzyna Ratulowska and Joannes Karpiel. Marya and Wojeiech stated on their Certificate of Marriage that they were baptized in Ciche and Zakopane, respectively. Marya was born on February 2, 1892 and Wojeiech (Albert) was born on April 4, 1886.


Would like help with tracing the Bober and Knapczyk family tree as well as knowing what parishes existed in Ciche, Poland and Zakopane, Poland from 1900-1906 and where would I find birth and marriage records. Can I assume the church records would be in Nowy Targ, which were recently transferred to the State Archives in Spytkowice