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All surnames Tobys, Rucioch, Olejniczak
All places Nadnia, Dabrowka Wielkapolska, Zbaszynek, Bolen, Zbaszyn
Research notes I recently discovered the background of my father who was born in Nadnia in 1911. His father was Michal Tobys who married Agnieszka Rucioch. They had 9 children two who died as infants. Agnieszka died in 1925 and Michal married Stanislawa Nowicka. They had two children. All children were born in Nadnia. Research indicates that Michal's father was Stanislaus Tobys who it appears married a Ewa Olejniczak. Stanislaus and Ewa had 5 children - 4 daughters and 1 son Michal. Agnieszka Rucioch was one of 4 daughters. We believe that her parents may have been Michala Tomasz Rucioch and Zofia Jokiel.