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I am researching my husbands roots and been doing this for over 25 years without much success.  All of the original family are deceased.  I am 87 years of age.  My husband was Edward Kench.  Born March 14,1924 in Chelsea, Massachusetts.  He died Dec 2,1983 in Lynn, Massachusetts.  His father was Joseph Kench- born Sept 09,1887 . Place of residence listed on his immigration papers was Riskupz,Russia/Poland.  He arrived in the U.S. April 28,1906.  Name on ships maifest was listed as Ossip Kenz.  Over the years he was named Kienc, kench, Kenc.  His father was Stephen Kenc.  His mother was Parasie (Palagia) Staszewsky.  Joseph Kench married Bronislawa Oreck  (  Orechwa/Orechowski) in Lynn Massachusetts, U.S. in 1910.  She was born in Sczierkowa, Lida, Vilna, Poland Dec, 25, 1891. Her father was Martin Ozehowska and her mother was Maria Petrowska.    This sums up all that I have been able to find using marriage and death records along with their immigration records.Joseph resided in Lynn,Massachusetts with his brother Stephen on arriving in the U.S.  Bronislawa (Blanche) lived with a sister Paulina Siaglo in Saugus,Massachusetts.  I would appreciate any help you could provide with regards to the Polish side of my family.  Thank you.  Lorraine Kench.