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All surnames Ochal, Danielewicz, Lopatacki, Lopetecki, Kajdasz, Rojek, Kubik, Ohol, Siejka, Kudrej, Jarzab
All places Szczecin, Gora Ropczycka
Research notes Hi,
I am from the town of Cambria, NY (Buffalo-Niagara Falls region).  My mother's maiden name is Danielewicz.  Her parents were Frank Danielewicz and Stephania Siejka.  My grandpa Frank died in 1994.  His brother Flevie still lives in Sanborn, NY [url]http://www.manta.com/c/mm24p7j/danielewicz-flevie[/url].  Their father was Antonio Danielewicz (married to Mary) born May 10, 1874 in Poland (Russian partition) died December 20, 1935 in Sanborn according to his death certificate.
I also have a marriage certificate for an Adalbertus Danielewicz to a Ludovica Jarzab dated August 9th, 1910 in Niagara Falls, NY.

On my father's side, three brothers (I think they were Josef, Peter, and Andrzej) Ochal came to the US from (I believe) the Austrian partition of Poland during the 1890s-1900s.  Our surname was changed from Ochal to Ohol at Ellis Island.  I think there are Ochals in NJ, PA, and even Canada.

If you have any knowledge of these people, or would like to share your knowledge of the Danielewicz or Ochal surnames, please contact me.