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All surnames Bialas, Rzuczek, Hajduk, Gorzenik
All places Godowa, Trzebowisko, Jawornik
Research notes I've been doing family history research for a few years but can find very few records for my maternal grandfather, Francis Rzuczek.  I have one Ellis Island passenger record showing a Franciszek Rzuczek arriving on 23 Jan 1902 from Trzebowisko.  I am thinking he returned to Poland sometime after his marriage  to Apolonia Hajduk which I believed occured shortly after my grandmother's arrival in 1898. They were living in NJ but after visiting several churches and court houses in the area I still have not found a marrige certificate.  The 1902 passenger record shows he sailed from Bremen.

My maternal grandmother, Apolonia Hajduk arrived in New York on 3 Apr 1898.  She was 18 years of age and sailed from Rotterdam.

Baptismal records show that My paternal grandparents, John Bialas and Aniela (Angela) Gorzenik were both born in Jawornik 1872 and 1873, respectivally.

If anyone has family or connections to any of these persons or places, I would greatly appreciate hearing from you.