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Research notes My grandfather Francizek Goc or Gac came to Ellis Island for the first time in Sept of 1906.  He came with a friend Piotr Tasz they went to Detroit Michican where they were staying with a Jan Wojewoda on Chaman Ave.  This is what I find on the passenger list arriving in Ellis Island.  It said he was from Kobyle, Galicia, Austria.  he came back and forth 4 times, 1906, 1909, 1912 and finally 1913 settling then in Maspeth Queens. 

In 1913 he sent for his wife Malgarsarta (Maria,Margaret) who came with sons Antony,Jan (my father),Stanislaw and sister Stanislawa.  They list their  last permanent address as Nowergican or Nowgernitzhy Glib Ploch, Russia.  Alot of my fathers papers also mention a town called Mogielnica or Mogilnica. 
I saw a post where someone asked about Kobyle and the Wojewoda surname and maybe they new my grandfather.  I never met my grandfather as he died at 45years of age.

I am looking for info about the surname Goc or Gac, the town of Kolbyle and also my grandmothers name was Malgorsata (Margaret) Latarska but I can not find anything about the town of Nowergican .  Can you point me in the right area to find info and somewhere I can write to locate my fathers birth certificate, my grandparents marriage certificate etc.

Thank you for any help you can give.