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All surnames Marganski, Kardyz, Madura, Kargut, Tabaka, Deptula, Wysocki, Rolka
All places Kolbuszowa, Wernia
Research notes My name is Jim Rolka.  I live in Novato, CA.

I was born in St. Louis, MO.

All of my grandparents were immigrants  from Poland (although Poland didn't exist as a government at the time they emigrated to the United States).   I have been able to find documents and papers for my maternal grandfather, Valentine Marganski.  I have not been able to find documents other than U.S. Census Data from the 20's and 30's for my other three grandparents (other than the cemetary and parish cuurch info in St. Louis).  I have determined that Valentine Marganski (1885-1944) was from Kolbuszowa and his wife, Maryanna Kardyz (1888-1990), was from nearby Wernia.  Family history indicates that Valentine was the son of Adelbert Marganski and Maryann Kargut.  And, Maryanna was the daughter of Stephen Kardyz and Anna Madura.  (Spelling may vary since ther is no written "original" documentation.)

The only location mentioned in family lore for the Rolka family was "somewhere outside of Krakow".  My paternal grandfather was Francis S. Rolka (1876-1935) and his wife was Mary Tabaka (1878-1954).  Francis was the son of Jocab Rolka and Anna Wysocki.  Mary was the daughter of ______ Tabaka and ______ Deptula.