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All surnames Wlodarski, Jeromin, Hadowski, Gelner
All places Poryte, Janowek
Research notes I do not know my grandmother's surname.  I do know that she was born in or near Braddock, PA in 1907 but her parents took her back to poland when she was an infant.  She immigrated to the U.S. when she was 18.  I am looking for surnames in the the villiage of Poryte - her home town.  I think her step sister's married name was Ptak.  I was told that the step sisters's last name means "bird."  My grandmother also told me that her father was killed in WWI and her fathers brother married her widowed mother mother.  My grandmother also said that her mother died in one of Stalin's camps (no idea of the date).

I know she had a full sister named Helen and a brother in law named Henry in Poryte.

I would be grateful if anyone has surnames that are found in Poryte.