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All surnames Balawender, Balawejder, Balawejdera, Rusinek, Krawczyk, Karwowski, Wronko, Jatszye, Lonc, Rosin
All places Przeworsk, Markowa, Bialobaki, Barglow, Russia-poland, Galacia
Research notes I am currently working on a family history book.  I have entered many different spellings of the names of my family that have been used here in the United States and am unsure as to which are actually correct. I would love to be able to find more "stories" and information from my family's origin.  I would love to find relatives willing to listen to what happened to their cousins when they came over to the United States.

I am certain that the Kuzniar, Lonc, Balawejder and Balawender comes from the Przeworsk area; either Bialobaki or Markowa.   

I have no records of the Wronko / Karwowski family but believe them to be from northeastern Poland based on manifest records.  Russia-Poland is the defining term used in many cases.  

The Krawczyk family came from a small village SW of Tomaszow Lubelski.

Maryanna Wronko came from Barglow