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All surnames Orner, Turner, Zaller, Cohen
All places Melec, Galicia, Btostock, Nowy Targ, Waksmund Village, Brzostek
Research notes My name is George Weinstock.  I live in Los Angeles, California and my grandparents on my mother's die come from the Waksmund Village.  My grandfather Isaac (Itcha, Izaak, Isaak, Icze) Orner was born on 10/15/1876 in Melec (Galicia) Bkostock Poland (Austria/Hungry)

My grandmother Gertrude (Getcha, Gitta, Gitla) Turner was born in the same place (as far as I know) and they were married in 1903 in Melec (I think).

I have been working on the Family Tree for 12 years and only recently did I learn how to browse the Internet to find a great deal of information - but nothing on my grandparents.

My grandparents came to America on 10/05/1920 on the S.S. Pretoria(to New York)