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All surnames Franckiewicz, Harko
All places Lomza
Research notes I am looking for my paternal grandparents.  I know that Michael Nicolas (or Nicolas Michael) Franckiewicz emigrated to Canada in 1909, and he listed on his WWII Draft Card that he was born in Lomza, Poland, but in other places he is listed as having been born in Russia.  I don't know the names of either parent.

My paternal grandmother is Sophie Harko, whose father was Joseph, born February 2, 1874 in Zamosjsce, Poland, and mother was Michalina Mihalski, born March 18, 1874, town unknown.  According to the 1910 Census, the family emigrated to America in 1906, through Ellis Island, eventually settling in Cleveland, Ohio.  

Family lore says that Joseph Harko's father's name was Piotr or Pioti, and he (Pioti/Piotr) was an orphan who was found by his adoptive parents, names unknown, when he was two, and that the family adopted for him the surname Harko which was the village nearest where he was found.  Whether this is true or not I cannot tell.  I have no information about Pioti's wife, who would have been Joseph's mother.  

I cannot find Mike Franckiewicz entering the U.S. or Canada on shipping lines, and he does not show up in any records I can find until his marriage to Sophie on May 17, 1920, and thereafter in the 1920 Census.  It is said that he worked for awhile as a logger in Canada, then went to New York to work on the Holland Tunnel, but I don't think the timeframe there is correct.

Nor can I find the Harko family entering the U.S., but I do find them on the 1910 Census, originally misspelled as Hurka or Hurko, in Cleveland, Ohio.  Family lore also claims that Joseph arrived in America in style, having traveled first class on the ship and there is supposed to be floating around somewhere a picture of the family on the deck of the ship, framed by the Statue of Liberty, but I have never seen it.  

Michael Franckiewicz was born in 1892, Sophie Harko in 1899.

I will appreciate any information that can be provided.