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I am the daughter of Wladyslawa i Stefania Siodlak (Shedlak).  My mother's maiden name was Rokicka.  I have met my grandma and my uncles when i 12.  I am interest in getting to know and hear stories from this side of the family.  My dad side was Slovak, my mom Polish.  They both could speak several languages.

On my dad's side, the Siodlak, i have met most of this side of my family.  I have been to Piekielnik when I was 8, 12, and 32.  And planning another trip in the next couple of years.  My brothers and i have inherited quite abit of land in Piekielnik.  In which we need to take care of...

I have sooo many cousins that live there, for my dad was 1 of 12 children(the youngest boy).  There was John, Vincent, Joe, Frank, Eddie and on the girls side there was Mary, Jozefa, Anna, Aniela, Hanka and Wladja.  Some were born in Poland and some were born in Portage PA (USA). My oldest brother was born and lived in Piekielnik til coming to US 1967.  And finally went for a visit with his daughter Jeannie in Sept. 2011.  My brother Wally and I, were born in Chicago IL

Though my parents are deceased they sure shared lots of stories of all the people of this village...turns out my dad was well liked and popular.