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All surnames Krupski, Krupska, Tutro, Kowalski, Bulsiewicz
All places Galica, Kolanczyce, Poland
Research notes I am looking for my family roots.  My father's name is John Paul Krupski, born in Omaha, Nebraska 1/27/1930.  His father's name was:  John Joseph Krupski II, born in Poland about 1902.  His father was also John Joseph Krupski I, born about 1860, I think he was also born in Galicia.  John Krupski I married Fraciszka Kowalski.  I am not sure of the date.  They has 9 living children:  Stanley born 1891, Michael "Mike: born 1886, Stella 1889, John Joseph II born 1902, Joseph "Joe" born 1889,.  For Anna, Pauline "Polly", Mary & Leo I am not sure of the dates they were born.  They were born in or around Galicia, Poland. 

John Joesph Krupski I was a shoemaker.  His wife Franciszka worked on their family farm. The family was Catholic. 

John Joseph Krupski I came over to America first.  I think it was about 1902-1907.  He settled in south Omaha, Nebraska.  He had a shoe shop across the street from the stock yards.  Cattlemen would sell their cattle and then cross the street and order a new pair of boots.  He made them by hand back then.  John Joseph Krupski I,  would save his money and when he had saved so much he would then send for a few of the children.  I think the last of the children & Franciszka (wife) came over in 1907.  I know that Mary had crossed the ocean and then was turned back because she had an eye infection due to cinder of coal dust getting in her eye.  Once she was healed she then was allowed to come back. 

John Joseph Krupski I, Died 1/2/1931 in Omaha, Nebraska

Franciszka (Kowailski) Krupski, Died 6/21/1936 in Omaha, Nebraska

John Joseph Krupski II, Died 6/12/1987 in Loup City, Nebraska

Leo Krupski, Died 1968 in Omaha, Nebraska

Michael "Mike" Krupski, Died 10/9/1964 in Omaha, Nebraska

Stan Krupski, Died 7/14/1965 in Omaha, Nebraska

Stella Krupski Died 11/10/1988

I am hoping that some one could help me out with any information, or tell me how I can find out how to get information from Poland about them.

Thank you & God Bless,