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All surnames Ratajczyk, Bednarkow, Guzniczak, Gajewskich
All places Grodziec, Gmina, Konin, Gdansk
Research notes I am researching the Ratajczyk family surname. My grandfather, Stefan Ratajczyk was born in July 1886 in Wardezyn. His parents were named Franciszek Ratajczyk and Agnieszka Bednarkow. We have very limited information on his parents and we are trying to establish lineage. A person was nice enough to check some of the Polish databases and the Bednarkow name was nowhere to be found or any variations of the name. Stefan and his brother, Andrew, were the only two that came to the United States. Possible siblings could have been named, Cecelia, Helen, John, Michael and Wanda. Stefan was married 4 times, the first two wives were sisters. The first wife Josephine was born in Grodziec and died during childbirth, in which, she made him promise to go back to Poland and marry her sister, Helena. Helena Guzniczak was my grandmother.