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All surnames Dydjow, Dydiow, Dydow, Chomicki, Chamicki, Hanicki, Gorecki
All places Stryj, Tuchla, Pelkinie
Research notes
Not long age thanks to the internet I "miraculously" found my cousin who now lives in Kashubia region, Poland, and his surname is DYDJOW. His grandfather Bohdan born 1905 was the first cousin of my grandfather Ludwik born in 1894.

My grandfather's uncle and aunt Michael and Maria nee Chomicki (also sometimes Chamicki or Hanicki), daughter of Jakub and Katarzyna Górecka, certainly lived up to the outbreak of the first World War in the city of Stryj (now Ukraine). Their families were emigrating to America between 1901 to 1914  - where the name was written in the form of DYDOW or DYDIOW.

They came from Tuchla, but in Galicia there were two of them: one in the Laszki borough near Jarosław and another in the Stryj county. We have not ruled out any of them as of today.

Michal Chomicki, brother of Maria, with his wife Tekla emigrated to America in 1905.All 6 Dydiows living in today's Poland is my family.

I am looking for any LIVING RELATIVES either in Ukraine or in the USA (Canada) DESCENDANTS OF DYDIOW OR CHOMICKI FAMILIES.

If you have Ancestry.com account you can also see simple Dydiow and Chomicki tree here: http://trees.ancestry.com/tree/41146467/family/