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All surnames Ksiazek, Sajnog, Wozniewski, Swierczynski, Pochopui, Lewandowski, Sajnok
All places Ponikiew, Krzeszow, Las, Poznian, Poznan
Research notes I am interested is locating the churches and cemeteries in the city or area that my grand parents lived or were born.  I don't know how to find churches or cemeteries in Poland.  My paternal grandparents were from the Kashubian area of Poland.  Due to the numerous changes in Poland some of my ancestors show Poland Germany and sometimes it is Poland Russia and sometimes just Poland. The Towns or Villages I show are what was shown on death certificates or birth certificates and the person providing the information was a relative so I assume the names are correct, just not sure the spelling is accurate. 

The Wozniewski last name maybe Wozniewska.  I know there are a lot of Wisniewski, but I know that the Wozniewska or Wozniewski is accurate because I have my Grandfather's naturalization papers.  The Ksiazek is accurate, too.  Although it could have been misspelled as Ksiaszek or Ksiazsek.  The Sajnog may be spell Sajnok.  I believe Sajnog is not a commom name. I've seen Sajnog misspelled as Sagnog, too.