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All surnames Schmidtke, Fuhl, Betker, Winkler
All places Piaskow, Lipsko, Mazowieckie, Pawliczka, Lipsko, Mazowieckie, Jozefow, Lipsko, Mazowieckie, Gruszczyn, Lipsko, Mazowieckie
Research notes My Grandmother Juliane Schmidtke was born in Pawliczka, Lipsko, Mazowieckie, Poland on Feb 2 1880.  She came to Canada (or US) in 1907 with her daughter Emma Fuhl.

Her parents were Heinrich Schmidtke born in Jozefow, Lipsko, Mazowieckie in 1847 and Justine Winkler born in Gruszczyn, Lipsko, Mazowieckie in 1858.  They were married in 1876 in Kadlubek, Lipsko, Mazowieckie, Poland.