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All surnames Mikina, Gula, Kedra, Zajac, Tkach
All places Skrzynka, Szczucin, Kamien, Kalucz, Warczyce, Laskufka
Research notes Have been trying to research my grandparents for several years...seem to always hit roadblocks; not much info was given to us from them, so I am going by info found on legal documents.

I would really like to find info on my grandfather, Jan Mikina.  He listed Wujema, Laskufka, Dabrowe Austria as his place of birth. All I know is that his father's name is Ladislaus and his mother is Angela (Aneila) Luszcz.

My paternal grandfather's name has been changed.  I have seen it written mostly as Tkach, but have also seen it as Tkacz.  Kamien, Kalucz I believe is now part of the Ukraine.  He traveled from Poland to Canada prior to entering the US in 1915.  I have no idea why he went to Canada or the ship/route he traveled to get there.

Any help/suggestions are appreciated!