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All surnames Nieroda, Wojsnarowicz, Wojsnorovecz, Poznanski, Bugno, Jarocha
All places Pstragowa, Wilno, Vilnius, Moszczenica
Research notes I am researching my husband's family - his paternal great grandfather Nieroda came to America, married, had a couple of kids, and died during the spanish flu epidemic.  It took some detective work on my end to work out the Ellis Island records calling out a non-existent town (Petrazowa) was indeed Pstragowa.  Since then I have seen online that the local church has Nieroda's.  Its not a common last name here, so the dots seem to fit.  Would love to know how far back church records can get us!

I don't have many leads for the other last names (from my husbands mother's side)