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All surnames Wojnarowski, Szwabowski, Swaboski, Wieczerzak, Surowiec, Zielinski, Szalony, Trzpis
All places Suwalki, Mielec, Zlotniki, Brzyscie, Zbiersk, Tuliszkow, Kolbuszowa, Gawluszowice
Research notes 1 set of grandparents = Walenty Surowiec/Katarzyna Wieczerzak fr/ Mielec area (Zlotniki/Brzyście) > Duryea/Newton Ransom area of NE PA early 1900s;  Walenty involved in Polish Lumber Company of Duryea PA, then later farming in Newton-Ransom area. (children = Helen, Edward, Edna, Josephine, Joseph, Anna, Matilda)

1 set great grandparents = Marianna Wojnarowski/Bronislaw Zielinski who left Zbierski/Tuliskow > West Wyoming, PA early 1900s then later to Clarks Summit PA (children =  Beni, William, Helen, Sophia, Stanley, Alex, Jennie, John, Leona).

1 set of great grandparents = Piotrz Szwabowski (evolved to Swaboski) from Suwalki/Aniela Szalona (evolved to Selenski/Salinski) from Kolbuszowa;  Peter and Nellie/Angeline settled in Swoyersville PA early 1900s (children = Edna, Frank, Helen, Stanley, Lottie, Sophie, Peter, Frances); Aniela's brother = Andrew who left NEPA and settled in Wilmington, DE;  there may have been another brother, Jakob) 

Have varying degrees of background info on each, most on Walenty Surowiec, least on Aniela and Piotrz.