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Research notes My name is Krystin Radke and I live in Northern CA.  I moved here from Massachusetts in 1982, and I was born in Providence, RI in 1972.  I am researching my mother's paternal side of the family.  Her grandfather, known as "Stanley Grinchell" to the family in the United States, was born in Grodno, Poland on April 15, 1891.  I have seen one record state 1892 but I believe 1891 is correct.  He came to the U.S. (Providence, R.I.) after his birth, between 1892 and 1914.  I have found information on www.ancestry.com that shows his WWI Draft Registration Card dated June 5, 1917, his name appearing as "Stanislaw Grinczell (last name sp?)".  Written above his name is "Grinchell" which is the Americanized version of his Polish surname.  He signed the card "Stanislaw Grinchell".  In the 1922 Providence Directory he is listed at "Stanley Grinchell".  He uses this name on everything post 1922. 

I also found his WWII Draft Registration Card.  There is a section that asks for the "name and address of person who will always know your address".  He entered "Mrs. Wladeslawa Grinchell" and stated that she had the same address as his.  His wife's name was "Anna" which is confirmed so I believe Wladeslawa to possibly be his mother.  The odd thing is that in all of the Providence Directories between 1914 and 1945, I see all of the family members he resided with.  Wladeslawa is never mentioned in any directory as residing with him or anyone else in the family. Since he changed the spelling of his last name to "Grinchell" after coming to the U.S., he must have changed Wladeslawa's as well.  I believe her true Polish married last name is "Grinezell" or "Grinizell", something like that.  I'm having trouble reading the WWI draft card so I am not exactly sure of the proper spelling.  I do not know her maiden name.

I have been looking for the pre-U.S. spelling of his last name for years and finally found a huge clue from his WWI draft card.  I believe his true Polish name to be "Stanislaw Grinezell" or "Grinizell".  If anyone knows anyone with the surname "Grinezell" or "Grinizell" born in Grodno, Poland, please let me know.  I would love to know where to look to trace my lineage.

Thank you!!!

Krystin Radke ([email protected])