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All surnames Kutylowski, Skrzypek, Czeski, Nowak
All places Janow, Lubelski, Staszow, Szulborze Wielkie, Ostrow Mazowiecka
Research notes Thank you for providing this search site!  My family, Skrzypek/Kutylowski was privileged to be selected as the representative of the Polish culture in an exhibit called: 2005 Movers & Seekers that was hosted and launched by the Michigan Historical Museum.  About 25 families were selected to represent 25 different nationalities.  Families had to fulfill these requirements to be an exhibitor: family had to: 1) source/have origins in a country outside the US; 2) immigrated to US in early 1900s; 3) sustain ongoing US residency; 4) to provide numerous artifacts, i.e., furniture, documents, household or business wares, etc that documented their life in original country and in US.

Michigan Historical Museum Historians, Ms. Martha Aladjem Bloomfield and Mr. Stephen Ostrander, authenticated all family and business pieces that were identified from all families to be put on display for this exhibit.  Both historians also authored a book called: "The Sweetness of Freedom -- Stories of Immigrants", published in 2010 by Michigan Department of Histories, Arts and Libraries.  The Skrzypek oral history is found on page 87.  The trunk that "Pa" Skrzypek built in the US in early 1900s in Lackawanna, NY from pieces of wood that fell off passing trains, is featured on the book cover.

I continue to research and document my Skrzypek-Kutylowski family artifacts and my husband, Dan Czeski's family: Czeski-Nowak as much as possible.

I created a Skrzypek Facebook page where family members who are descendents of the Michal and Weronika (Pezda) Skrzypek lineage are encouraged to join.

Thank you for your efforts and dedication!

Donna Kutylowski Czeski