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All surnames Ciotuszynski, Buza
All places Woluszewo, Maliszewo, Stara Ciotusz, Jozefowo
Research notes I have spent the last 12 yrs trying to find info of my families in Poland and can not seem to find anything except in the USA and there are very few here in America. My fathers parents died when he was 3yrs old and there is no info to be passed down. I Have located 2 different families of the Ciotuszynski with one coming in 1888 (my G. Grandfather and family) coming from Russian Occupation and one coming in 1914 coming from German Occupation.

I can not pinpoint the Buza family as there are many of them and in America none know of my G. Grandmother Julianne Buza.

I am curious about the village Nowa and Stara Ciotusz as it is eact spelling of our surname at the beginning (Ciotuszynski) could it be village of our family origin???

Please contact [email protected] if you know of the families and the villages. Thank you. Rita