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All surnames Chmielewski, Baczek, Hynko, Grunwald, Dombrowski, Witkowski, Danowski, Purzycki, Nowakowski, Rapala, Chmielowski
All places Plock, Chorzele, Lomza, Lempice, Zmijewo Kuce, Kutsev, Gnojno
Research notes DNA-I have discovered additional family connections through the family finder testing that family tree DNA which is located in Texas.  I had my M TDna which is what I discovered the connections to Copernicus.  Just recently I found three connections in various parts of my family and received emails from Warsaw and Poznan!  Very exciting because all are related in different ways.  The connection in Poznan seems to be related on both sides and has done extensive genealogy!  Am really excited!  Carol