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All surnames Kaminski, Bilski, Bielski, Wittkowski, Dzinkowska, Karczewska
All places Fordon, Bolumin, Boluminek, Chelmza, Bydgoszcz, Koniglich Waldau, Bydgoszcz
Research notes

I've been lucky enough to visit cousins in Poland and see several of the country's most beautiful cities. Unfortunately, my cousins there know little of the family's history before about 1900. I've been able to piece together a few more generations. Below is the short version. 


Kaminski Line: 

Franciszek Kamiński (1790-1857) & 1st wife Joanna Żeglarska > Stanisław Kamiński (1825-1876) & 3rd wife Katarzyna Karczewska (or Kowczewska? died 1918) ) > Jan/Johann Kamiński (1868-1906) & Joanna/Johanna Bilska (1864-1915).


Bilski Line:

Valentin Bilski (born in Königlich Waldau, Culm, West Prussia) & Marianna Dzinkowska (born in Klein Bolumin, West Prussia, now Boluminek, Poland) had at least three children. Their son Franciszek/Franz Bilski of Schleusenau married Eva Brażkiewicz in 1895 and died about 1931. Their son Julian Bilski of Schwedenhöhe married Rosalie Wittkowska of Klumsee/Chełmza and immigrated to Minnesota, USA, in 1909. Their daughter, Joanna/Johanna Bilska, was born 28 April 1864 in Klein Bolumin. She married Jan/Johann Kamiński and they seem to have lived mostly in Fordon.


Joanna/Johanna Bilska and Jan/Johann Kamiński are my great-grandparents. Their son Jan/Johann died in Russia in 1915. Their son Franciszek/Franz died of WWI injuries about 1931. Their first daughter Marianne died young. Their second daughter Marianne was(known as Anne and ended up in Hannover, Germany. Their daughters Helene and Martha emigrated in 1912 and joined their uncle Julian Bilski in Minnesota. The youngest child, Bernard, remained in Poland and is the only child of Johann Bilski and Jan Kaminski with known descendants