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All surnames Kowalski, Zygmunt, Smygiel, Pietrzak, Mazurkiewicz, Nowakaska, Adamska, Zintora
All places Strzelno, Zgierski, Poznan, Lachmirowice, Ostrow Tumski Srodka
Research notes The cities mentioned above are from ancestry.com- had my DNA done through them. There are a few where I named the Providence/ or close to a city  because I was not sure.  I can send a copy of the area if we could be related.

Maternal family is Kowalski, Smygiel (multiple spelling), Zygmunt, Pietrzak (multiple spelling)
Paternal family is Mazurkiewicz, Nowakaska, Adamska, Zintoria. 

My ggrandfather born 2 Oct 1877 in Poland he immigrated per Ellis Island records 8 Sept 1906 by himself.  He left his wife Mary(Marja) and there 3 boys in Poland Leo, Ludwig and Joseph while he settled in the USA. He naturalized in 1921.   Per his death certificate his father was Jon and his mother was Mary Nowakaska.

His Wife my ggrandmother Mary Adamska(i)  born 1 Aug 1879 and came over with her 3 boys in 1908.  It looks like she might have came over with her brother Vincent (have his naturalization papers as well)  and possibly my ggrandfathers brother Vincus (per Ellis Island records).  Her parents are Anthony and Anna Zintora.  They had more children in the USA Stanley (my grandfather), Frank, Walter, John, Irene and Anna.

Maternal side is Kowalski, Smygiel (multiple spellings) Zygmunt and Pietrzak.  My ggrandfather born in 1880 died 5 August 1938(USA) he immigrated in 1907 per Ellis Island records, he had a Brother Adam living with him per the 1920 census. (Adam came over in 1912 per the census). Parents Magdelina Zygmunt from Posen and his father is Thomas per his death certificate.   Family stories stated he had at least 1 brother stay in Poland to take care of the family farm.

His wife my ggandmother is Josefa Smiegel born in Stelno have a copy of her original birth certificate.  Came over 17 Feb 1908 at 21 yrs old departure Hamburg SS Albano, came over with her sister Catherine (multiple spelling) per Ellis Island Records.  She Naturalized 22 Dec 1955 (have copy of original papers) Have copy of original Alien registration.  Parents per marriage license vincent Smygiel and Maryann Pietcek.  All there children born in the USA.

Josefa Siblings All Born in Poland:  Anastasia DOB 28 April 1899 married Michael Losik, Anna married John Nowicki,  Catherine here for 28 years per date of death died in USA 24 May 1936.  Married my ggrandfathers brother John Kowalski, Victoria married Walter Kaminiski, Michael Smygiel married Johanna Zarowaska.

Ggrandfather Anthony siblings joseph, Adam, john, Emike, Margaret.