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All surnames Kowalik, Grochola, Tereba, Wasilewskia
All places Wojkow, Maszkienice, Dzikowiec, Czerwonka
Research notes My name is Megan and I live in Sydney, Australia. I have been researching my family for three years sparked by the US program Who Do You Think You Are, with Lisa Kudrow's success at finding still-living relatives in Poland, which made me question why I didn't know much about my Polish ancestry. I feel lucky that I am Polish on both sides of my family and feel a connection with my heritage (although not so much the food!) Since my grandparents were pretty much thrown together in Germany after WWII, they all come from different parts of Poland and it has been difficult to find out things about them and their family from the other side of the world. I stopped researching for a while and am coming back into it now looking for some more information.