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All surnames Moczulski, Maczulski, Moculak, Chmielewska, Chmiel, Moculski, Sadorska, Soszka, Lajewski, Farynowski, Brodowski, Zacrocki, Spitzka, Maculak, Kowalczyk, Brodowski, Karolak, Frankowski, Frankowska, Yulaneska
All places Kaunas, Lithuania, Wezgozorowo, Russia, Bielystock, Poland, Wegrzynow, Russia, Kaliz, Poland, Paeeliuz, Szlazy, Ciechanw, Plotsk
Research notes I am seeking information on my mother's family.
My mother's maiden name is Leonka (Eleanora) Joanne Soszka.
Her father's name(my grandfather)is Stanislaw Soschka, Born in Warsaw, Russia (Republic of Poland) on December 7, 1890.
My mother's grandfather's (my great-grandfather) name was Adam Soschka, born somewhere in Poland.
His wife's name was Weronika (Veronica) Majeska (my great-grandmother), also born in Poland.
My grandfather, Stanislaw Soschka, somewhere met my grandmother, possibly in Poland, or Great Britian. The only name we have for her is Jozefa Daniel, born February 16, 1888 in Rzeszow, Poland. We believe that it is possible her name may have discrupancies. I am looking for information regarding Jozefa Daniel (possibly a friend of my grandmother who became ill and could not make the trip to America). Please contact me at [email protected] if you have information. The above surnames and cities are for both sides of my family.