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All surnames Krupa, Blasinski
All places Pekelnik, Czestochowa
Research notes Searching for information on the family of Anna Krupa.  Her immigration record to the USA states a last residence town of Pekelnik.  She married Michael Blasinki in the greater Pittsburgh, PA, USA area.  Her birthday was 12 Feb 1882.  She arrived in the USA at NY on 10 Jan 1902 on the ship Kaiserin Maria Theresia originating from Bremen.  I have her parents as John Krupa and Julia Jumbo (spelling?).  Her daughter (my grandmother) possessed photos that were noted on the back to be from Częstochowa...which I see is not adjacent to Pekelnik; not sure which location they actually came from.  

Perhaps the Blasinkis were from one of those towns and the Krupas from the other?

The Blasinski family had five boys, four of which emmigrated to the US.  Original spelling is likely Blaczynski?    Both families were Roman Catholic.

Any general or detail information would be most helpful as I have very little knowledge of this country and the language.