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All surnames Ramion, Kieszkowski, Misciuk, Puc, Kijak, Kierzkowski, Dereszynski, Musial, Rudnicki, Kusz
All places Wierzchucin Krolewski, Wawelno Kujawsko-pomorskie, Sokolow Podlaski, Lubstow, Dziewierzewo, Kycnia, Debowo Naklo County Kujawsko-pomoskie
Research notes I've done quite a bit of research on the Ramion family, who seem to have originated from the Wawelno village near Koronowo, Kujawsko-Pomorskie.  My surname is a fairly rare Polish surname.  I would like to determine if they originated from Western Europe, because the Ramion name has popped up in France, Germany and Spain too.

I'm interested in researching my maternal grandfather's village of Lubstow, north of Konin in the Wielkopolskie region.  Those surnames are Kieszkowski/Kierzkowski and Kijak.

I'm interested in researching my maternal grandmother's family, with the surname of Misciuk and Rudnicki, who came from Sokolow Podlaski northwest of Warsaw.

Finally, I'm interested in finding out the home village of my paternal grandmother's family, Putz or Puc, and Kusz.  I believe they originated in the area of Kycnia.