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All surnames Piwowar, Wojnar, Olszanowski, Piwowarski, Piwowarzyk
All places Korcyna
Research notes I am attempting to research my family from Poland.  I have just begun and have the names of the persons who immigrated to the US and would like to continue the search within Poland.

The following family members immigrated:

Alic (Alex) Olszanowski, born 1871 Austria/Poland, immigrated 1903

Lucia Tompolski Olszanowski, born 16 Oct 1871, Austria/Poland, immigrated 1903

Walter Olszanowski, born 1899, Austria/Poland, immigrated 1903

Mary Olszanowski, born 1901, Austria/Poland, immigrated 1903

Mary Piwowar, born 1900, Korczyna Poland, immigrated 1913

(^ parents are almost surely Maciez Piwowar and Julia Wojnar)