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All surnames Gal, Matyja, Wator, Smolen
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Research notes Hi, I am new to this list. Thank you Shellie for pointing me in the right direction!

I have been doing research for 12 years. Unfortunately, due to the language barrier, I have not gotten very far in the search for my father's family.

My great grandfather was Jan Kanty Gal. He married Katarzyna Matyja. My grandfather was Jan Gall. He married Aniela Wator. Her parents were Antonius Wator and Barbara Smolen. I don't know anything about Jan and Aniela prior to their coming to the US. They settled in Allegheny County, PA, where my grandfather worked in the Carnegie Steel Mill.

I would be very interested in any info on these families.


Kathy 'Gall' Thomas