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All surnames Yoskovitz
All places Dobra, Kalisz
Research notes My name is Arie Yoskovitz, the son of Smuel Yoskovitz who was born in Kalisz, in 1924 and is the only survivor from the Holocaust. We are living in Israel and I'm interested to find out if I can get a wedding certificate of my grandparebts Aharon and Rika Yoskovitz who were born in Dobra, or Shalom and Zisel Yoskovitz my father's grandparents who were also been born in Dobra.

I'm looking for some records about these people between 1850-1939, time most part of this family has perished in the Holocaust and my father has come to Israel in 1946 without any document/photos from his family.

My father had 2 brothers and 2 sisters: Yehezkiel, Faibish, Leah and Malca Yoskovitz.

Perhaps, someone can help me or advise me where to find this information!