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All surnames Papurzynski, Szczepanski, Jungfert, Youngfert
All places Szebnie, Badjy, Posen, Jarocin, Odrzykon
Research notes My great grandparents came from Galicia area. (Papurzenski) The towns I have seen associated with them are Badjy, and Szebnie. My grandmother (Szczepanska) came from the Odrzykon area. 

My paternal grandparents (Jungfert/Youngfert) came from Posen and their families where associated with Jarocin. 

I am not familar with any of the areas and am not knowledgable on how to be able to obtain vital (birth, marriage, death) records from their home towns. I believe my great grandparents from the Szebnie area where from St. Martain Church.

I would appreciate any helpful tips to further my research.