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All surnames Grzyb, Grzybowski, Urgacz
All places Toronto, Sosnowiec, Biskupice
Research notes Hello

My name is Rachel Gibbs(Grzyb)

My grandfather changed my last name when my father was a child and they were living in Montreal Quebec Canada.

I want to find out more about my fathers family in Poland.  Their last name was Grzyb.  I heard that at one time it was Grzybowski. They were Catholic and left Poland to live in France for sometime before taking a ship in 1942 to North America.

My greatgrandfather, Jozef Karol Grzyb was born in Biskupice in 1896 and he married Aniela Urgacz in 1919 in Sosnowiec.  She was from Sosnowiec and was also born in 1896.

My grandfather was born in Sosnowiec as well in 1930. His name is Jerzy Wladyslaw Gryzb. His name is now George Walter Gibbs. He had a sister who died very very young. I believe by the time she was 2.

I dont know if I will be able to find records of their births.  My grandfather told be that everything was destoyed during the war.

I know my great grandfather came from a large family and there must be many relatives around the world.