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All surnames Niziolek, Sysakiewicz, Stanczak, Piotrowski, Gajewski, Grzelak, Ludwiczynski, Matczak, Nawrocki
All places Czarkowy, Piolunowo, Latkowo, Dabrowa-gornicza
Research notes My grandparents and several other relatives emigrated from Poland between 1905-1915 and moved to Chicago, IL. A large number of my deceased relatives in the US are buried in St. Adalbert Catholic cemetery in Niles, IL.

From family documents I can trace some of my relatives to certain locations in Poland: Grzelak and Piotrowski families to the villages of Piolunowo (parish in Byczyna) and Latkowo (both near Osieciny). Niziolek and Sysakiewicz families to the Dabrowa-Gornicza area. I have since learned that the Niziolek family was originally from Czarkowy.