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Myszkowski, Miscoski, Kochanowski, Balcer, Donczewski, Dunczewski, Duncheskie, Tylenda, Ratasiewicz
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Prudziszki, Marianka, Kadaryzski, Rogozajny, Shamokin
Research notes
My Myszkowski lineage goes back to grandfather Aleksander Myszkowski.  He was the son of Antoni Myszkowski and Weronika Tylenda.  They were from the Suwałki region of Poland (village - Prudziszki).  Aleksander (b. Feb 1874, m. Oct 1904, d. Jan 1949) emigrated to the USA in 1899.  He had a brother Andrzej (b. abt. 1870; d. Nov 1900, in USA). Andrzei arrived in US in June 1900.  He was 30 years old and married (It appears that his wife/family(?) remained in Poland in 1900).  Andrzei died in Nov 1900 in a coal mining accident at the Stirling Henry Clay Mine (Northumberland County, Pennsylvania, USA).  We have no idea of what happened to his family remaining in Suwałki region.

Aleksander Myszkowski married my grandmother Katarzyna Kochanowska in the USA (b. Nov 1886, emigrated 1903, m. Oct 1904, d. Jul 1964). Katarzyna was the daughter of Jozef Kochanowski (b. 1859. emigrated 1892 from village of Kadaryszki, d. May 1938) and Helena Balcer (b. 1858, emigrated 1903 from village Marianka, d. Sept. 1932). Jozef and Helena were married in Poland. In addition to Katarzyna, they had children Piotr/Peter and Antonia/Antonina/Antoinette (both were born in Poland and emigrated to USA).  Daughter Anna was born in the USA.  Helena Balcer was the daughter of Antoni Balcer and Rozalia Ratasiewicz, who did not emigrate to the USA.

The family emigrated to Shamokin, Northumberland, Pennsylvania, USA (coal mining region).  Aleksander, Andrzej, and Jozef were coal miners.