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All surnames Zbiegniewicz, Tkacz, Bonkowska, Sieniawska, Oziemska
All places Warsaw, Zyrardow, Lodz
Research notes I do not speak nor read Polish. My father. Theodore Zbigniew Zbiegniewicz, was born in Zyrardow to Jozef Karol (born February 22, 1882) and Waclawa Zbiegniewicz. His grandfather, Karol Zbiegniewicz, was baptized in 1853 at St. Alexander's Church in Warsaw, who later married Marcella Marianna Fraczkowska. My father had an Aunt Jadwiga Bonkowska, nee Zbiegniewicz, and Aunt Marja Sieniawska, nee Zbiegniewicz. His mother, Waclawa Tkacz, was born September 12, 1887, and was from Zyrardow. According to a paper I have from the Warsaw Archives records given to me by my Aunt Stefanja Halina who said she was born in Lodz, Franciszak Tkacz was transferred from the Warsaw Cytatel August 8, 1899 to another prison in Warsaw.  He was imprisoned because he organized the textile workers.  He was sentenced to one year on October 21, 1899.  However he was released November 17, 1899 and was sent to a village, Blizne, where he was to be under survaillance of the local police. Waclawa's mother was Florentyna Oziemska and her siblings were Maniek, Bernard Marjan, Ksawer and Marja who married a Szterman. All this information has been handed down from my grandmother and Aunt Halina. In 2006 I went to Poland and tried to find information in Warsaw about any of the Zbiegniewicz family and couldn't. The archives in Warsaw for St. Alexander's were helpful but I couldn't read the entries well enough to get any information. The pastor in Zyrardow was very protective of his books and spoke very little English so I wasn't successful there. I would like to find cousins and would appreciate any help.