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Lokczynski, Hordyk
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Gromadno, Radzicz
Research notes

We are uncertain of the spelling of the last name Lokczynski as it was changed after arrival in the US. We have seen it as Lackinski, Loshensky, and others. They were among the early Polish immigrants to Milwaukee, USA-- long before there was a Polish church to keep records, and before the state of Wisconsin kept regular records. We have information from the US Censuses of 1850 and 1860, but little else to trace these people. 

We do have records of marriage documents from Gromadno. We would like to confirm these with at least one other document relating to the 2 families (Lokczynski and Hordyk). We are planning to see the "home town" and surrounding area. We would love to find living relatives.  We would very much like to establish the reasons that these ancestors left Poland in 1846, and find out if anyone else went with them

We also hope to briefly visit Radzicz, which is near Gromadno. A close friend of ours has traced ancestors to this location and we want to at least take some photos..