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All surnames Siminski, Jasek, Urbanek, Gasior, Pluta, Ochab, Kiebala, Szkodowski, Wezowicz, Wanicki, Sieminski, Potinis, Wosko, Dunaj, Stanisz, Olszewski, Januszewicz
All places Ropczyce, Wielopole Skrzynskie, Tarpen, Chechly, Posen, Galicia, West Prussia, Grudziadz
Research notes I have been researching my family for many years. The surnames of Siminksi, Sieminski, and Szkodowska are from northwest Poland that was part of the Province of Posen when this area was part of Prussia.  The other names all come from southeast Poland, the area that was part of Galicia (Austro-Hungarian Emprie) in the 1800s.  For the most part they are Christians. Although I was raised Catholic, my maternal Grandmother was originally Jewish and my maternal Great Grandparents changed religions when the left Galicia (Poland).  I was told that the reason they left was because of persecution and that they did not want anyone to know in the U.S. that they were Jewish in fear of being persecuted again.

I have only traced my Siminski/Sieminski and Szkodowska/i family to the mid 1800s. I have not been able to locate the exact town where they lived.

I have traced parts of my maternal family back to the mid 1800s and other patrts to the 1700s.


My direct descendants settled in western New York, but I also had relatives in Baltimore, New York City, Chicago, California, Texas, and Ohio.  I reside in California.