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All surnames Jagaczewski, Rzeszotarski, Przelenski, Sonnenfeld, Siemiatkowski, Szamier, Chamier, Sonnefeld, Malinowski, Kichenski, Kaczynski, Sczcepanski, Jakubiak
All places Krzynowlaga Mala, Bojanowo, Gradzanowo, Rosciszewo, Wegra, Rostkowo, Groo Leistenau, Graudenz, Lipinki, Ostrowite, Lisnowo, Przasnysz, Golany
Research notes Jagaczewski and Szamier tied to Krzynowlaga Mala. Stops at Jacob Chamier marrying in 1804 and his death at 1810. Jan Jagaczewski married Mary Wiktoria Szamier in 1889, and they moved to US(Wheeling WV) in the 1910's. Both died in 1932.   

Rzeszotarki and Malinowski tied to Bojanowo and Gradzanowo.  Many Rzeszotarski originated in the Rzeszotary areas outside Gradzanowo.  Bronilsaw Rzeszotarski(1878) and his sister Weronika(1879) were children of Salomea Siemiatkowski in Bojanowo with unknown father, she was wife of Tomasz Rzeszotarski, who died in 1875.  Siemiatkowski's originated near Siemiatkowo, also near Gradzanowo.

Frank Malinowski(28) married Weronika Rzeszotarski(19) 1899 in Gradzanowo. His parents Stanislaw and Marianna "Sobecki".  Weronika and Frank lived in Wheeling WV for close to 20 years and moved to Detroit in the 1920's w/ children.

Jakubiak tied to Wegra and Rostkowo.  Jakubiak was a husband of Mary Mengenski, and lived in Wheeling WV, it was shortened to Jacobs.  

Kiczenski/Kuczinski tied to Kalisz.  Several DNA tests from the US in the Chicago/Pittsburgh area, list origin of Kicinski as Golany. Alex Kicinski lived in Pittsburgh/Donora PA(1870-1940), Emilia Kicinski(married Mytros and Rutkowski) and her nephew Waclaw(1888-1932) lived in Chicago.  Ignatius(1873-1940) married in Wheeling in 1900 and died in 1940.

Sonnenfeld tied to Ossettno, Löbau, Westpreußen-1876, Groß Plowenz,Strasburg,Westpreußen-1823.

John Przelenski( 1856-1935) married Anna Sonnenfeld(abt 1862-1947), then immigrated to the US in 1881, with Anna's mother Henriette Jankowska/Junghaus.  Henriette's son's Michael and Charles arrived in Wheeling WV in 1882 and 1881. 

Name is Przełęcki, which sounded like Schewinski.  Many in Wheeling WV went by Schewinski and would switch it with Prezelinski and other spellings.  Jan Przełęcki birth from 1856 matches dates of birth given in US, Lipinki area, outside today's Lubawa(Löbau).  His married in 1880 in Ostrowitt to Marianna Sonnenfeld and moved to Wheeling WV in 1882.  His mother was Maryanna Sobotka. The Przełęcki go back in Lipinki to mid-late 1700's that I can find.

Mengenski name of Mary Mengenski(1882-1962) also comes from the Lipinki area, but under Męczyński. Her uncle Franciszek remarried in 1879 to Marianna Lenikowska(born Wiszenska), and he moved to Wheeling WV in the 1890's.  He brought his wife and niece and nephew's.  His brother Johannes was widowed to Rozalia Kobylska and remarried in 1892 to Marianna Karas, but further information on him could not be found.  

All the names and ancestors from different locations came to US and specifically Wheeling WV between 1881-1915(Przelenski 1881-1882, Sonnenfeld 1882)(Rzeszotarski 1899)(Ignatius Kicinski married Mary Mengenska in Wheeling in 1900)(Jagaczewski in mid 1910's to Wheeling WV).  &a