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All surnames Patok, Kolasinski, Paddock, Nalazek, Klebba, Patock, Dzienisiewicz, Dzienis, Banasik, Zientek, Guzowski, Marszalek, Cyrowski, Radnau, Radtke
All places Lipowec, Ludziejik, Jeleniowoj, Jeleniewo
Research notes My grandfather (kolasinski) came to USA i 1909 from the Russian part of poland. His father traveled several times to America in late 1800's to work in the coal mines (Pennsylvania?) from a village farm in Wiesi Ludziejek, Gmina Jeleniewo, powait Suwalki (per my mother's documentation of her father's history). I can't find the location or any family history in (russian poland). He married my grandmother (Nalazek) who came to USA with her entire family in 1904 from the German part of Poland and they settled in Bay City, Michigan.

My great grandfather (Patok) came to USA in 1880/81 from Prussia with my grandmother (Klebba)and 3 sons and settled in Detroit, Wayne Michigan where my grandfather(Paddock) was born a few months after they arrived. Both my great grandfather (Patok) and great grandmother (klebba) were deceased by 1889. I have not been able to find their place of residence in Prussia but both and their 3 sons were born in Putzig, Pruessen, Germany according to what I have discovered so far.