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All surnames Sowa, Bejenka, Polek
All places Lipnica Murowana, Poznan, Zagorz, Sietesz, Przeworsk, Coton
Research notes Bejenka Grandparents came from Poznan, probably Cotoń,

as "German" immigrants in 1888.  Polek Grandparents came primarily from Lipnica Murowana.  Sowa Grandparents were from several villages and towns from Przeworsk, Zagorznowy (Zagorz?) and Sietesz.

I am eager to find anything on their lives and relatives that might have stayed behind.  One that I know for sure remained in Poland (Lipnica Murowana), was Victoria (Polek) Piszkiewicz and her husband Piotr.   At least one of their children Angela immigrated in 1907.

Most of them were close to being illiterate, and in many cases couldn't sign their names.   Anything on any of them would be greatly appreciated.