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All surnames Baran, Sitek, Kinelski, Kurzawa, Skivinski, Gutzwa, Sochur, Bachura
All places Czudec, Handlowej
Research notes Blanche Baran lived on a farm in Czudec. She had seven other siblings: Alex, Walter, Izabela-Maria, Julia, Joseph, Cecylia, Aniela, and Stanislawa. Some of her siblings changed their last names to Kinelski. Her mother was Susan Baran (1869-1930). Her grandfather, Anthony Baran, was the major of Czudec, Poland for 30 years. He was born in 1844 and died in 1919. Her son, Joseph Sitek, was born in the USA, but moved back to Poland to work on the farm. Later in life, he moved to the USA, married Dorothy Kurzawa and worked for Curtis Wright for several years. Later, he became an engineer for Princeton University. My mother is coming to visit the area soon and we would like to learn additional information so that we might be able to locate the farm.