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All surnames Romanczuk
All places Suwalki, Luch Bale, Swiacka, Silvanoutsi Village, Suvalksky State, Augustovsky County
Research notes I am the grandaughter of Stanislaw Romanczuk born October 15, 1885 in Suwalki. He married Josephine Tarcynski and they had 8 children and lived in Dayton, Ohio. He came to the US through Bremen and spend some time in Sourh River, New Jersey. I am trying to do research of the family and especially to find out where in Poland the family is from. Stanley had a sister named Victoria who married Stanislaw Jaworski, Vicki and Stanley J lived in Detroit. I believe Stanley Romanczuk's parents were Stephan and Marianna (Jukovksi) Romanczuk. His birth certificate mentions Suvalksky State, Augustovsky County, and Silvanoutsi Village. Any help would be appreciated.