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All surnames Rostowski, Pestka
All places Klodawa, Nowa Cerkiew
Research notes Earliest church records are found in the church in Nowa Cerkiew, a village near Chojnice. These records date back three generations for my paternal grandparents to 1821, the earliest year records for this church exist. I am trying to locate records prior to this date. So far the living Pestka's in Klodawa have not been of any help in my search. No living Rostowski's have been found yet.
Relatives of interest:
Adalbert Rostowski-wife, Marianna Zychlinski
Martin Rostowski (1828) - wife, Maria Borowicka
Franz Rostowski (1859) - wife, Elizabeth Pestka (1863)
John Pestka - wife, Marianna Knytrowna
Joseph Pestka (1824) - wife, Pauline Schlumm (1831)