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All surnames Borys, Telep, Kaczmarczyk, Badlak, Nazaryk, Dorocki, Holda, Lazuka, Okriak, Nebesnick, Izykiewicz, Kolko
All places Jaworze, Desznica, Halbow, Katy, Pielgrzymka, Tyrawa Solna, Hlomcza, Halbow
Research notes Hello,

I have focused mainly in SE Poland in the Podkarpackie region. I have traveled to Przemysl Archives and Sanok Archives and have enjoyed much success. Most recently I'm searching for the origins of the Kaczmarcyzk line of my family tree where they had all their children in House 107 in Katy, Poland, yet the father and grandfather's records are not in the records where they should be. There must be a town close by where their records are located. Procopius Kaczmarcyk was married to Ewa Kolko and I don't know where the Kolko surname can be found in Poland yet.