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All surnames Gonsiewski, Wojtkowski, Mackiewicz, Milewski
All places Baltimore Maryland, Syracuse New York, Konty-gmina Maly Plock, Poland
Research notes I am am looking for any information about the three surnames i've posted.  I was born in Syracuse New York.  My father's side of the family, Gonsiewski, lived there since at least 1905 if not soooner. My mother's side, Wojtkowski, is a bit more confusing. Her father was living in Syracuse in 1940 and his children except my mother were born there.  My mother Elizabeth Wojtkowski was born in Baltimore Maryland and was baptized there at St. Casimir Catholic Church in 1917.  I think her father was a coal miner somewhere in Pennyslvania for awhile.

Does anyone have information about Polish coal miners in that area in the early 1900's?Any information about the Polish community at St. Casimir?