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All surnames Witkowski, Lewicka, Golembiewski, Lukowska, Jankowski
All places Parkowo, Warsaw
Research notes My great-grandmother, Mary Witkowski, was the daughter of Paulus Witkowski and Catharina Lewicka.  I found a record of their marriage in Parkowo, Posen, Poland, in 1867.  She immigrated to the US in 1893 where she met John Golembiewski who immigrated on the same ship. 

John was born in Warsaw in 1869.  He was the son of Joseph Golembiewski and Antonette Lukowska.  John and Mary were married in Cincinnati, OH, in 1894.

Another great-grandmother, Mathilde Jankowski, was born in 1864.  She listed her birth place as Germany, but I suspect is was a part of Prussia, and formerly Poland.  Her father was Mathias Jankowski and her mother was Veronica (unknown).