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Research notes my great grand father's name is wassili miroslaw ostrowski, he was a noble man and i believe the coat of arms were korczak since i have the crystal seal he used with the c.o.a engraved on alon with his initials. in a document certificate of his employment it is mentioned that he was born in warsaw around 1856 and studied engineering in zythomyr today in the area of vulhinya in Ukraine. he died young around the age of 42 when my grand mother was about 12. i know he was burried in baku because i got his burrial certificate from the catholic church there. but i want to know, more, like who are his close relatives and their decendants and if they have any stories to share. i have photos taken in gdansk but that's all. i keep reading that the korczak nobility clan originated in the area of crakowia andf there are about 290 or 390 families with this coat of arms. any information is appreciated.